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Dear Larry and Jimmy,
What an amazing evening! We can't thank you enough for all you did to make Ken's 60th fabulous! The staff was wonderful and the food was delish!
We have not stopped receiving calls from friends telling us how much fun they had and how much they loved the venue.
You both went above and beyond to make our party a success!
With Great Appreciation,

– Ken and Melissa

Hi Jim and Larry -
Hope you both survived your four parties all out of one kitchen event this past weekend!
My apologies for my delay in emailing you both to thank you for truly a perfect and delicious evening last Thursday night at Marcello's.
Thank you all your help to make the banquet run so smoothly. You both were wonderful and so accommodating to work with. Everyone had nothing but wonderful things to say about the food and the atmosphere (ice cream bar was a huge hit!) - including the Northbrook Administration Staff.
We will definitely would like to plan future events with you - thank you for making it such a pleasant experience.

– Tina

Hi, everyone -- Just another quick chance to thank you all for a wonderful celebration for the Pinsky family .....The kids were really great -- wouldn't it be nice if they make it thru the year so well behaved??? Much of that falls to you, Kareem -- you kept them moving and without any moshing......!!!!!!!!!~...and Zach was so happy and involved.
Jim and Larry -- thank you...and please thank your staff again -- no more pixie sticks! Food was wonderful ....late afternoon, but we knew that going in with the time of the mitzvah service --- the family was thrilled with it all .....the flow of the movement worked well!
Décor, was perfect -- as it always is!!
I am certain the photos and video will keep it all alive for the Pinskys.......Many thanks again!!

– Sandy

For many years, my mother and her companion would frequent your restaurant—even becoming regular diners requesting one of your amazing waiters! Because my kids and I would accompany them, over time, Father and Son became our family restaurant too. The food and service always yielded a positive experience, and the warm and comforting ambience felt like a home-away-from home.
Unfortunately, mom’s companion passed in March, and then my mom passed away in May. So, knowing that we wanted to do a “Celebration of Life” event, I remembered your many different room set-ups for catered events, and in addition to dining there I’d attended many In Her Shoes meetings that take place on Mondays. We looked at other venues as well, but when Mike Seymour opened up the rooms on a beautiful, sunny day, we were sold!
The truly surprising part, however, was how Mr. Seymour took such great care of my sister and me. His professionalism was stellar, he was extremely pleasant to do business with, and mostly he walked us through a variety of ideas. He followed up with confirmation and took extra special care of us—knowing that I had never planned an event like this before. On the day of our memorial service (an event that had to be just right for such an emotional time) everything that Mike promised was not only fulfilled, but above and beyond our expectations! Elias and his wife were just as on top of things, so truly, it was as perfect an event as we could’ve imagined. The food, bar, staff… ALL of it just right from beginning to end.
I just had to let you all know what a gem you have with Mike and to thank everyone for providing a beautiful venue after years of great food and service. Our loved ones might be gone, but the memories will last and last and last.

– Charlotte

WOW! What can I say the food and the service were absolutely incredible!! Mike did a great job making sure everyone was comfortable and always had drinks and plenty of food. Our family and friend were so impressed with Marcello’s they haven’t stopped talking about it. Thank you so much Kenny and I hope to dine there sometime on our own as we really didn’t have much time to eat trying to visit with our guests. Thanks again and if you ever need a recommendation send them my way!! You and your staff are truly what a great dining experience is all about from start to finish.

– Kelly & Kenny

This review is based on Marcello's Gluten-Free options, which are impressive. I ordered the gluten-free pan pizza and the gluten-free brownie dessert pizza. Let's start with dessert, because that's fun. The brownie pizza was delicious. Soft, warm, moist (get your mind out of the gutter!). You wouldn't guess it was gf at all.
On to the pan pizza... It was amazeballs. It's an individual-sized pizza. I suppose you could share if you added a salad or something, but I think its designed to be for one. So that makes it a *little* bit expensive ($9.95 for cheese-only) for what you get, but if you ask me it's worth it. I seriously can't say enough good things about it. The crust was like any wheat-based crust I've ever had. No weird aftertaste or sogginess to it at all. Every other gluten-free pizza option that I've tried in Chicago is the same frozen, pre-made crust which tastes okay when made properly, but Marcello's gluten-free pan pizza if definitely worth a try for all you gluten-free peeps out there!

– Katie

Tonight, our favorite waitperson Zenel was flawlessly handling 3 large graduation groups with no reservations. Our group of 10 persons arrive unannounced as well. However Zenel once again demonstrated his professional and warm level of precise service even recalling our Leader's love of Blue Cheese stuffed olives and having them available in an instant. The food was tasty, fresh, and delivered quickly once ordered. Zenel was attentive personally and waitstaff were totally supportive.
Our group has been visiting Marcello's for well over 10 years and will keep coming back. This is truly one of the very few restaurants where service and quality have remained in place!

– Tom

From their apps to their main dishes this place is great. What really separate's their food from other similar places is the service and consistency. I've been going to this location for over a decade and some of their best entrees continue to hit a home run. The fried chicken is tremendous; not only do they provide you with a great product, but their alternative options for flavors are great. The pizza is incredibly unique, the crust happens to be my favorite.
Off the top of my head, I can't even begin going through their menu and naming all of their best items. There are simply too many. More than anything Marcello's is the type of place that demands perfection from its staff and you see that in the repeatedly great service. Even when things aren't perfect, they find a way to make you happy.
I can't recommend this restaurant enough. Magnifico!

– Dustin

Their pizza tastes good to me. I tend to like thin crust pizza more unless it's from Pizza Hut.
What I really enjoy from there though is their chocolate cake!!! YUM! The first time I tasted it I was shocked. Only Portillo's was the best chocolate cake I've had before and now Marcello's. Both are yummmmmy! *Edit* I tried the choclate cake again recently and it was different than I remembered. Still good but quite rich with chocolate mousse.
Now that I've moved up to Glenview area ...I found out there is one in Northbrook too!

– Amy

I love this place, we came here at the last minute after our wedding rehearsal and they were able to accommodate a party of 12 with no reservations the staff was very helpful as to how to order (individual entrees vs family style portions). We did family style. The southwestern salad recommended was so good we did a couple of thin crust pizzas for the kids but the adults couldn't help themselves. We had lasagna and chicken omg the the chicken was so awesome and the portions were very generous everyone took home leftovers. We still had room for deserts and they were delicious. We would definitely go back there again they helped us out in a pinch and the prices very reasonable on the bride and grooms pocketbook. Great family place, and did I mention free parking almost unheard of in Lincoln park and we had 4 cars loved it.

– Tanya

I am a fan of wings. I am also a fan of teriyaki sauce. Over the past year I have tried teriyaki wings from about fifteen different restaurants and Marcello's still stands on top. I LOVE THAT SAUCE!!! The garlic oregano seasoning is good as well. Friendly waitstaff, good food, and I was able to watch the Chicago Bulls while eating dinner! The teriyaki is also amazing on the cedar plank salmon, smells good, tastes even better. BTW, GET ON THEIR MAILING LIST AND REWARDS PROGRAM! YOU WILL GET COUPONS!

– Bob

Three words... Thin Crust Pizza.
I've been coming to this place since I was a little kid and the great quality of the food has never change. Their thin crust pizza is simply delicious with just the right amount of crispiness.
I also recommend trying their garlic broasted is so juicy and crispy. My office orders this all the time and my co-workers go nuts for this.
Before your meal they also serve this basket of homemade crackers and homemade garlic & chive butter spread.... I can eat this alone as a meal it is soooooo good.
I love this place...the environment is friendly and so is the staff. Never had a bad experience.

– Otilia

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